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Drawing, and learning software related to Multimedia,  make me want to wake up each morning. Also, having the opportunity to study a second career as part of a double major is a great blessing... Learning new things fill my day with purpose and helps me learn more about myself.
My new love is Basic Computer programming...!
I had to "scratch" !!!!   join us! was created to stimulate the non programmer to learn the basics in a fun, accesible way!
I enjoy immensely throwing ceramics pieces  on an electric wheel. It looks easy but it is not so..., especially when you try to throw tall pieces. But, as with all  things in life, it is a matter of patience & practice.  Ceramics is a very therapeutically hobby.

Tennis has always been my favorite sport.  I'm a beginner but I don't care.  I have fun playing with others, and also practicing on my own at the wall on  the racquetball court at the UNF arena.

I  am so happy to inform you that I have graduated ( Cum Laude) with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, (2017) with a concentration in Computer Graphics and a Minor in Psychology,  Now, I keep taking classes on diverse subjects both at UNF and online.

At UNF, some of the classes I have enjoyed learning are:  Statistics ,   Research Methods Lab &  Medical Language.  

Coursera is another way I like to learn. I have 4 certificate from the University of Edinburgh , Scotland: " Fundamentals of Music Theory  and  Intro to Computer Coding  (Introduction to Programing)  where I learned to do childrens' video games. It combined coding and drawing . Graphic Design form CALARTS and my last certificate is Philosophy of Sciences.. 

My latest certificate it's from CALARTS , a course about the Fundamentals of Graphic Design
Learning  CSS and drawing using java  ( at have helped me make use of the left side of my brain,  while  my hobbies below have for a long time helped me get in touch with the right-side. I like to learn a little bit of everything ; )

 M hobbies include activities such as: needle workceramicsdrawing / Doodling and writing. I also enjoy drawing music , & playing tennis and playing piano.

A while ago, I finished Mark Ari's Writer's Workshop at UNF   where we  create exercises combining imagery &  writing.
 I like poetry. My favorite poems are 

: "Chronology" by Diane di Prima which is written in memory of a dead child and how his/her absence is felt through out their house.

 NeilGaiman's (poem-video"Instructions" 
this poem made me feel right at home. 

This website compiles snapshots of classes and activities that I love to do or I've learned about during  the last 15 years. 
I am approaching my 6th decade living in this world. I've been married for 41 years to Jorge, which is 9 years older than me. I'll be 60years-old in 3 more weeks! On May 18.  I still enjoy compiling these pages... 
Although nowadays, I don't do it as often as I used to do.  
I'm Beatriz