I use my logo to label my homework when assignments are due.  

The brochure below was done a while ago. 

Now I have many more courses on my CV. 

I've also learned new software, for example: 

Adobe After Effects, CSS & CMS.
HTML5, CSS,  & Basic JAVA
Logo History
Flash animated Intro
learningbea .org copyright  2011. 
My logo is the combination of my  initials. 

The yellow bar stands for the letter "e". The "e" emphazises  my preference for electronic-educational tools (online learning). That is also why all letters on the logo are lower case.
Together they form my first name  (bea) . They also represent the initials on my last name: anzures-trejo The horizontal yellow bar also echoes the yellow lines of  my logo's mascot:            
 "the learning  bea"
 my logo 
is an abstract representation 
of a bee.
My involvement with art started with piano when 
I was a child. My mom was a piano teacher, so I learned to play with sounds and notes before I learn to write words.

I've have connected the thrill I felt playing with "regletas" (during my pre-school years) with the process of creating my logo (which is done out of simple geometrical shapes and the association of the shape of the leters: "b", "e:, "a" 't'. Graphic and symbolic representations hold a particular appeal to me.

That is why I studied a minor in Psychology to understand what drives our creativity and our desire for symbolic representation.