These are some hand drawn  doodles I scanned and then painted over using Photoshop.

They were created as part of a booklet I'm working on that stresses out the health benefits of drawing  simple doodles.
Did you know that  some people find symbolic meaning on doodles?

I love to doodle, it fills me with a peaceful feeling. It is very therapeutical and other people
do too... : )

Some interesting data about it
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Right now i'm working on a project called:" Doodle Therapy".

I firmly believe that spending time doodling simple ( but aestheticaly pleasing) drawings( see below examples) can uplift the spirit, engage your mind, and bestow an all around feeling of well being  on you. Not to mention the fact that the careful execution of drawing an image's outline involves the fire up of neuronal connections rarely use otherwise. Something similar to what happens while learning a musical instrument.

I am currently working on a "Doodle Therapy" website.
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