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Correlational Research

Experimenta; Research
Chapter one, starts by explaining what does Social Psychologist study.

Turns out Soc Psy is interested in human connections. Its role is to scientifically explore how we think, influence and relate to one another.  It forms and tests ideas that can be carried into life itself, helping us to analyze everyday social thinking, social influences and social relations.
If this strikes you as a kind of too general definition; hold down... ,
It will get more detailed as we go along.
Since this is done through research we need to take a little time learning the basics of the nomenclature used in studies. such as the concepts to remember at the top of this page. so let's quickly cite them: Theory: Set of principles that predict and explain  observed events, and then the Hypothesis is a  testable proposition that describes the relation between events ( or variables) The field research is the one done in natural, real life settings outside a laboratory environment. Correlational research study the naturally ocurring relationships by manipulating one or more variables ( or events).  Experimental research are studies that seek " cause-effect"  relationships by manipulating one or more factors ( variables) while controling others. Which brings us to " variables:
Independent variables are the ones the researcher manipulates,  while the dependant variables are the ones being measured --  they are called dependant because they depend on manipulations of the e independent variables. Random assignment is the process of assigning participants to the conditions of an experiment. Note that the difference:  Random assignment help us infer cause and effect in an experiment and Random sampling help us to generalize to a population.
Chapter 2 
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Chapter 1

Concepts to Remember :
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